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Publikationen 2018

Allam, J. P.; Andreasen, J. N.; Mette, J.; Serup-Hansen, N.; Wüstenberg, E. G. (2018): Comparison of allergy immunotherapy medication persistence with a sublingual immunotherapy tablet versus subcutaneous immunotherapy in Germany. In: J Allergy Clin Immunol. 141 (5), 1898-1901.e5. Online verfügbar unter PM:29410285; ISI:000432148200037.

Allam, J. P.; Ochsendorf, F. R.; Köhn, F. M. (2018): [What does dermatology have to do with andrology?]. In: Hautarzt. 69 (12), S. 970–971. Online verfügbar unter PM:30406810; ISI:000451584000002.

Allam, J. P.; Wolf, H.; Wustenberg, E. (2018): SQ (R) house-dust-mite SLIT-tablet: Overview of the results of the clinical trials in patients with house-dust mite-induced allergic rhinitis and asthma. In: Rev Fr Allergol. 41 (1), S. 40–48. Online verfügbar unter ISI:000425274900007.

Augustin, M.; Wilsmann-Theis, D.; Körber, A.; Kerscher, M.; Itschert, G.; Dippel, M.; Staubach, P. (2018): Positionspapier: Diagnostik und Therapie der Xerosis cutis. In: J Dtsch Dermatol Ges. 16 Suppl 4, S. 3–35. Online verfügbar unter PM:29989340; ISI:000438031800001.

Berekméri, A.; Latzko, A.; Alase, A.; Macleod, T.; Ainscough, J. S.; Laws, P. et al. (2018): Detection of IL-36? through noninvasive tape stripping reliably discriminates psoriasis from atopic eczema. In: J Allergy Clin Immunol. 142 (3), 988-991.e4. Online verfügbar unter PM:29782895; ISI:000443726500034.

Bousquet, J.; Agache, I.; Aliberti, M. R.; Angles, R.; Annesi-Maesano, I.; Anto, J. M. et al. (2018): Transfer of innovation on allergic rhinitis and asthma multimorbidity in the elderly (MACVIA-ARIA) - EIP on AHA Twinning Reference Site (GARD research demonstration project). In: Allergy. 73 (1), S. 77–92. Online verfügbar unter PM:28600902; ISI:000418442300008.

Bousquet, J.; Devillier, P.; Anto, J. M.; Bewick, M.; Haahtela, T.; Arnavielhe, S. et al. (2018): Daily allergic multimorbidity in rhinitis using mobile technology: A novel concept of the MASK study. In: Allergy. 73 (8), S. 1622–1631. Online verfügbar unter PM:29569295; ISI:000438710600004.

Braegelmann, C.; Jaschke, K.; Simon, B.; Hornung, T.; Bieber, T.; Wenzel, J. (2018): Test Your Knowledge. In: Pneumologie. 72 (11), S. 757–759. Online verfügbar unter PM:30408829; ISI:000449505200016.

Braegelmann, J.; Braegelmann, C.; Bieber, T.; Wenzel, J. (2018): Candida induces the expression of IL-36? in human keratinocytes: implications for a pathogen-driven exacerbation of psoriasis? In: J Eur Acad Dermatol Venereol. 32 (11), e403-e406. Online verfügbar unter PM:29633390; ISI:000448786400004.

Cabanillas, B.; Cuadrado, C.; Rodriguez, J.; Dieguez, M. C.; Crespo, J. F.; Novak, N. (2018): Boiling and Pressure Cooking Impact on IgE Reactivity of Soybean Allergens. In: Int Arch Allergy Immunol. 175 (1-2), S. 36–43. Online verfügbar unter PM:29342467; ISI:000425496100006.

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Cabanillas, B.; Maleki, S. J.; Cheng, H.; Novak, N. (2018): Differences in the Uptake of Ara h 3 from Raw and Roasted Peanut by Monocyte-Derived Dendritic Cells. In: Int Arch Allergy Immunol. 177 (1), S. 35–39. Online verfügbar unter PM:29879702; ISI:000442609700004.

Colpi, G. M.; Francavilla, S.; Haidl, G.; Link, K.; Behre, H. M.; Goulis, D. G. et al. (2018): European Academy of Andrology guideline Management of oligo-astheno-teratozoospermia. In: Andrology. 6 (4), S. 513–524. Online verfügbar unter PM:30134082; ISI:000440403300001.

Franzen, A.; Vogt, T. J.; Müller, T.; Dietrich, J.; Schröck, A.; Golletz, C. et al. (2018): and promoter methylation is associated with HPV infection and transcriptional repression in head and neck squamous cell carcinomas. In: Oncotarget. 9 (1), S. 641–650. Online verfügbar unter PM:29416641; ISI:000419615500051.

Froehlich, A.; Schmidt, S.; Landsberg, J.; Bieber, T.; Wenzel, J. (2018): Spontaneous regression of tumor-stage cutaneous T-cell lymphoma in a multiple sclerosis patient after discontinuing fingolimod. In: Mult Scler. 24 (13), S. 1785–1787. Online verfügbar unter PM:29722598; ISI:000450358800021.

Gattinger, P.; Lupinek, C.; Kalogiros, L.; Silar, M.; Zidarn, M.; Korosec, P. et al. (2018): The culprit insect but not severity of allergic reactions to bee and wasp venom can be determined by molecular diagnosis. In: PLoS ONE. 13 (6), e0199250. Online verfügbar unter PM:29940036; ISI:000436088700011.

Gilles, S.; Akdis, C.; Lauener, R.; Schmid-Grendelmeier, P.; Bieber, T.; Schäppi, G.; Traidl-Hoffmann, C. (2018): The role of environmental factors in allergy: A critical reappraisal. In: Exp Dermatol. 27 (11), S. 1193–1200. Online verfügbar unter PM:30099779; ISI:000447846400001.

Goltz, D.; Gevensleben, H.; Vogt, T. J.; Dietrich, J.; Golletz, C.; Bootz, F. et al. (2018): CTLA4 methylation predicts response to anti-PD-1 and anti-CTLA-4 immunotherapy in melanoma patients. In: JCI Insight. 3 (13). Online verfügbar unter PM:29997292; ISI:000438547200015.

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Haufe, E.; Abraham, S.; Heratizadeh, A.; Harder, I.; Zink, A.; Weisshaar, E. et al. (2018): [Decreased professional performance and quality of life in patients with moderate-to-severe atopic eczema : Results from the German atopic eczema registry TREATgermany]. In: Hautarzt. 69 (10), S. 815–824. Online verfügbar unter PM:30191254; ISI:000452379400005.

Hiller, B.; Hoppe, A.; Haase, C.; Hiller, C.; Schubert, N.; Müller, W. et al. (2018): Ribonucleotide Excision Repair Is Essential to Prevent Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Skin. In: Cancer Res. 78 (20), S. 5917–5926. Online verfügbar unter PM:30154151; ISI:000447552500017.

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Pigors, M.; Common, J. E.A.; Wong, XFCC; Malik, S.; Scott, C. A.; Tabarra, N. et al. (2018): Exome Sequencing and Rare Variant Analysis Reveals Multiple Filaggrin Mutations in Bangladeshi Families with Atopic Eczema and Additional Risk Genes. In: J Invest Dermatol. 138 (12), S. 2674–2677. Online verfügbar unter PM:29857066; ISI:000450431000041.

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Schmitt, J.; Haufe, E.; Trautmann, F.; Schulze, H. J.; Elsner, P.; Drexler, H. et al. (2018): Is ultraviolet exposure acquired at work the most important risk factor for cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma? Results of the population-based case-control study FB-181. In: Br J Dermatol. 178 (2), S. 462–472. Online verfügbar unter PM:28845516; ISI:000425009400081.

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